Horse riding in France

Personally, I like to ride forever. I always had the impression that the horse was something magical, and horse riding is one of the few activities that can take us out of the real world. When I was small, I was told stories like most children and getting on a horse made me feel like a cowboy, an Indian or a princess. Later, I thought my job would involve working with horses, such as having a ranch or becoming a riding instructor. As an adult, you realize that this is much more complicated than it seems and finally choose another profession, another future ... but I remained addicted to horses.

Horse riding in France always gives a feeling of freedom, of escape. Moreover, as with bike riding, it is not something you forget. Of course, the horse is an animal, so it is more difficult to control completely than a bike. But many riding centres in France are perfectly situated and are secure places to perfect your riding skills. There are also many trekking centres where you can ride through beautiful French countryside and often, for this, you do not necessarily need to be an experienced rider.

For my part, I ended up buying a horse and the pleasure of having your own horse is obvious to all people who love riding.  For those who cannot do this, it is best to go to a reputable riding centre where you can learn to ride in an enclosed space before venturing out into the open countryside of France.

For myself, I still prefer the exciting rides that remind me of my childhood feelings, but a learning period is absolutely essential for safe riding, before progressing to cantering or galloping on mountain tracks in France. One of the nice things is that we can now ride as a family, with ponies of different sizes to also allow my children to learn at their own pace.

For safety and comfort, it is best to have the correct clothing an equipment.  This means a riding hat with the right specification, jodhpurs (stretchy, tight-fitting trousers that do not pinch with the stirrup leathers) and, ideally, riding boots.  Many riding centre in France provide hats for their riders to borrow, as this is the most important item of equipment, but if you find that you love horse riding as much as I do, it is best to buy your own to be sure of a comfortable fit.